Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update Time!

Hello to all of Club Acorn's friends and family! A lot has happened with our center since the last post! Please read on for a quick overview of what the Club Acorn students, volunteers, and community members have been up to. Also, don't forget to log on to our Facebook page. There are new photos up now!

*We have had our third fundraiser, "Una Noche de Mitos Argentinos y Vino." Community members and international expats came together to listen to an hour-long discussion on Mitos Argentinos, or Argentinean urban legends, as well as enjoy local wine and tango music. The evening was a great success! Stay tuned for details on our next fundraiser, which will be happening next month.

*A group of students and volunteers headed to the zoo in Palermo for Club Acorn's first field trip. The day was loads of fun! We spent one Saturday exploring all of the exhibits and learning about various types of animals. The highlight of the day was definitely the Aquatic Show, where we saw what tricks the very talented sea lions could do.

*During the kids' winter break, we held an Intensive English Camp. For two weeks, our students learned various basic English concepts. Each day had its own theme, such as the Environment and Recycling, and Television and Film. Volunteer collaboration on this project was phenomenal!

*We have added another new class, Art for Adults. This course is designed to teach basic art skills to community adults. The class will be held on Thursdays at 5pm, during the same time as the Kids' Cooking and Nutrition.

Thank you everyone for your continued participation and support! See you in Boca soon!

Lenore Matthew
Director Club Acorn Argentina

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  1. hey youuu¡¡¡ hey im trying to find how to join u guys...can u send me some info, on ur scheduele or something???which day can i go by???should i just drop by?

    bueno besos leonore...

    Javier de la fuente
    (my bday was the same day as urs)