Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hello to all the Club Acorn family, friends and supporters! I'm John Reece, the new Director of Club Acorn. First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself and express my happiness of being part of not only a fantastic club but also an amazing international community.
I have been working with the previous director, Lenore Matthew, since July and although sorry to see her go...I'm looking forward to this experience and hope to follow in the footsteps of Ali, Sara and Lenore. If I have achieved half of what they have, I will be happy.
Back to the latest developments of Club Acorn...we are approaching the summer months, which means a turnover in volunteers. Although we are going through a transitional period in terms of staff, the good part of this is we are getting fresh ideas!
Last week, the children of the centre worked together on producing a huge flag, representing various different countries. Each child was given a black and white copy of a flag from a different country - The first task was to find out which colours to use, with the aid of a book (which helped the staff as well as we did not know all of them either!) then once painted...they produced a huge banner, with all the flags together. The idea was to get the kids to think about equality. We didn't tell them at first what our aim was...which made it more pleasing for all of us when one of the boys who was not particularly keen on the painting, decided to write a title to our display...NO A LA RACISMO! No to racism.
The banner along with title now hangs proudly in our centre and everyday they see their work on the wall. We are planning an anti drug campaign once we have the materials to produce placards and an exciting photography workshop where the children talk about their community using visuals (this you will hear about in more detail  two weeks from now, as one of our volunteers will tell you all about it!). We have some great ideas for our club and we strive for the funds to be able to give the children the materials to showcase their work and give them something to be proud of, while they are learning in a safe environment.
Any contributions and we are entirely grateful!!! Monetary, paint, paper, dictionaries...you name it!! Ok, that's all for now folks!!!


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