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Club Union de los Pibes relies on donations from people like you.

Club Union de los Pibes is a non-profit, volunteer led organisation and does not employ staff. All money raised will go directly towards providing a location for the club to take place in and to running activities for the kids and their community.


David McConnell, London, UK   (March 2011)
Veronica Roberts, Texas, USA (February 2011)
Melanie Newman, Kent, UK (February 2011)
Hannah Pinkham, Norfolk, UK  (Jan 2011)
Lisa Watkinson, London, UK   (Jan 2011)
Wendy Edmonds, London, UK   (Jan 2011)
Jessica Hall, London, UK  (Jan 2011)
Leona Gerrard, London, UK  (Jan 2011)
Laura Holmes, London, UK  (Jan 2011)
Toby Lomax, London, UK  (Jan 2011)
Cathy Leneghan, Berkshire, UK  (Jan 2011)
Robert Clarke, Berkshire, UK  (Jan 2011)
Sheena Grant, Aberdeen, UK (Jan 2011)
Richard Oliver, Herts, UK (Jan 2011)
Fenella Humphreys, Auckland, New Zealand (Jan 2011)
Justin Hope, London, UK (Jan 2011)
Andrew Macnab, London, UK (Jan 2011)
Keith Truman, Herts, England (Jan 2011)
Dustin Benton, London, England (Jan 2011)
Gillian Randall, London, England (Jan 2011)
Lisa Niver Rajna, LA, USA (Jan 2011)
Kirsty McNaught, Hampshire, England (Jan 2011)
Aellon Krider, New York, USA (Jan 2011)
Anna Longmore, UK (Jan 2011)
Clare Moody, London, England (Jan 2011)
Collie Morán, Ireland (Dec 2010)
Ali Morris, Texas, USA (Dec 2010)
Mandie Comper, London, England (Dec 2010)
Julia Tanguay, Iowa, USA (Dec 2010)
Mia MacCollin, Oregon, USA (Dec 2010)
Amy Comper, London, England (Dec 2010)
Chris Oliver, London, England (Dec 2010)
Sarah Comper, London, England (Dec 2010)
Lucie Elgoyhen, France (Nov 2010)
Neil Gerrard, London, England (Nov 2010)
John and the members of Hampden Way Childrens' Centre, North London, UK (Nov 2010)

Club Unión de los Pibes is recognised by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs in the UK as a charitable company for tax purposes. Our tax reference number is XT25947. Like a registered charity number, an HMRC charity number is evidence of our charitable status.