Sunday, October 25, 2009


Sin palabras.... solo agradecimiento para todos los voluntarios que han pasado y pasan por el Club Unión de los Pibes sólo para ayudar desinteresadamente y con todo su corazon a los grandes y chicos de las comunidades de La Boca y Barracas. y como digo siempre... ¡VALE LA PENA LUCHAR...!!!


Los tiempos cambian y las personas tambien, pero lo que nunca debe cambiar es el amor al prójimo y sobre todo el espíritu de solidaridad y amor hacia los niños... ¡ELLOS NOS NECESITAN... VALE LA PENA LUCHAR! ¿Cierto?

Faces of El Club Unión de los Pibes

I wanted to capture a few photos of the kids at the club and I brought along my camera one day. The kids loved seeing themselves on my little camera screen after snapping some photos. Here are a couple pictures of the kids playing and interacting with the volunteers. Enjoy!

The kids are so much fun to interact with and they seem to really enjoy being at the center!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Links to ESL free-content websites

Hola Todos,

Busque algunas paginas de web donde puede obtener materiales e informacion sobre ensenar ingles. (excelente por informacion gramatica y recomendaciones para maestros) (hay 154 plans de lecturas entre nivels empezando y avanzado, todo gratis y descargable)

Tambien, tiene links a otros paginas de web donde puede buscar mas informacion y materiales gratis.



Going Places!

I've now been volunteering with Rossi and the Union for the last 6 weeks or so and in that time things have changed a fair bit! I found about the Club in a post on the Couchsurfing Volunteer forum, and looking at the blog saw that they were having an event in a bar the next evening, a chance to meet the people involved and find out more about how you could help.

So along I went and spent a fascinating couple of hours getting to know Rossi, hearing some of her many stories and came away determined to help, in a small way for sure, but help nonetheless.

My first day and I was the only volunteer, and I didn't really know what to do at first and I just stood around a little bemused, but after a gentle suggestion from Rossi that I go and play football with the boys as a way for them to get to know me, the 3 hours flew past and I started to feel more at ease.

Fast-forward 6 weeks and the club is no longer the same place I saw on that first day - thanks to the help I could offer with the email, we now have plenty of volunteers every day and the numbers of kids has increased, with activities and classes happening the whole time - the place is buzzing with energy for 3 hours!

And it's going to carry on - with the new volunteers come new ideas: art classes, music classes, starting a seed garden, trips to a biscuit factory, a pub quiz to raise funds.

Union de los Pibes has arrived - come and join the fun!

Jonathan Evans

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fiesta de la Primavera

A great time was had by all! Lots of kids turned up, some of them for the first time, it was wonderful to meet them! We played, made crowns, had cake and generally enjoyed the sun shining for the first time in many months.

Monday, October 5, 2009

We have a new name!!

Club Acorn Argentina is now known as El Club Unión de los Pibes (The Kids' Union)!!

Rossi has been thinking of changing the name for a while as she no longer has a direct link to the Acorn Organisation in the US, so we asked the kids (who else!) and this is what they came up with!

That aside, nothing else changes - it's still the same great place, keeping busy and giving the community a safe, fun place to learn and play!

Thank you for your continued support!