Thursday, October 22, 2009

Going Places!

I've now been volunteering with Rossi and the Union for the last 6 weeks or so and in that time things have changed a fair bit! I found about the Club in a post on the Couchsurfing Volunteer forum, and looking at the blog saw that they were having an event in a bar the next evening, a chance to meet the people involved and find out more about how you could help.

So along I went and spent a fascinating couple of hours getting to know Rossi, hearing some of her many stories and came away determined to help, in a small way for sure, but help nonetheless.

My first day and I was the only volunteer, and I didn't really know what to do at first and I just stood around a little bemused, but after a gentle suggestion from Rossi that I go and play football with the boys as a way for them to get to know me, the 3 hours flew past and I started to feel more at ease.

Fast-forward 6 weeks and the club is no longer the same place I saw on that first day - thanks to the help I could offer with the email, we now have plenty of volunteers every day and the numbers of kids has increased, with activities and classes happening the whole time - the place is buzzing with energy for 3 hours!

And it's going to carry on - with the new volunteers come new ideas: art classes, music classes, starting a seed garden, trips to a biscuit factory, a pub quiz to raise funds.

Union de los Pibes has arrived - come and join the fun!

Jonathan Evans

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