Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My First Month with Club Acorn

Hello Club Acorn friends and family! I can't believe it, but my first month as Director of Club Acorn has already flown by. A lot has changed over the last several weeks, all helping Club Acorn to grow and become an important member of the Boca-Barracas community.

One of the most exciting developments is the addition of several new classes. For our kids, we have introduced Nutrition and Cooking, which involves a lesson on good-for-you food, as well as a cooking project, in which the students actually create a healthy merienda for the day. We have had a computer donated to the center, and are introducing a Computacion class to utilize the machine. We also have added Reading and Writing in Español for adults who have not previously learned how to read and write in Spanish.

Additionally, our Theater and English classes are still going strong. Sadly, our Dance teacher has left Buenos Aires. If anyone is or knows another person who is interested in taking over the Dance class, please do let me know!

Another development at the center includes the introduction of the color-coded identification card system. Each student has a card with his or her name on it. To encourage good behavior, they have the opportunity to earn points for the days they have behaved well. Once they reach 15 points, they may trade in the card for a prize. Once the first card has been completed, they graduate to the next color. We are working hard at Level One Blue, and soon enough, we'll have some students at Level Two Red!

As we head into Winter, everyone at Club Acorn is bundled up and ready to go! We have a few new twists in the works, including a field trip to the Zoo and an in-center concert. The volunteers and I are constantly brainstorming ideas to introduce new projects and lessons to the center, but as we all know, the more brains, the better! If anyone has any input, please do contact us. We appreciate all of the contributions!

In the meantime, stay tuned for more words from Club Acorn! Mucha suerte!!!!

Lenore Matthew
Director Club Acorn Argentina

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  1. lenore i am so impressed with all you have done. and thank you to all of our volunteers- it means so much that club acorn is not only continuing, but advancing in so many ways. muchas muchas gracias!
    con cariño, sara gips