Saturday, January 1, 2011

Volunteer for free in Buenos Aires in 2011

Happy New Year from everyone at Club Union de los Pibes!

We wish all our volunteers and supporters - past, present and future - all the very best for their adventures and aspirations in the coming year. It is solely thanks to your continued efforts that Club Union de los Pibes will be able to help improve the lives of the kids of Barracas and La Boca during 2011... and beyond.

Club Union de los Pibes is your family in Buenos Aires. We have lots of experiences to offer you and we are looking forward to hearing from you!


"I really enjoyed my time volunteering at the club. I was able to get to know some really amazing kids, a lot of great people from around the world and actually improved quite a bit with my Spanish. I liked the volunteering experience with the club because I was able to see how a community volunteer organization works and how it impacts the kids that are involved. It also helped me figure out my skills as a volunteer and what I'd like to improve on in the future."
Hannah Fox

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