Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Club Athletico de los Pibes

The 'Club Union de los Pibes' football shirts were a big hit with the kids - they raced away to try them on even before we could give them the books that we had chosen for each of them and the older kids insisted on having their photographs taken in their new shirts.

Of course, they were all very interested to find out who had the number 10 shirt... That went to Javi (a local volunteer who leads the football sessions) and I think that was a wise move!

We hope they enjoy the books too but, given the lengthy conversations about team tactics that followed, I think it may be a while before they get around to looking at them.

We bought the shirts and the books as leaving gifts for the kids - we wanted them to have something of their own that they could take pride in. We hope the shirts will serve to remind the kids that they will always be part of the 'family' at the club and if the books help to spark an interest in what life has to offer beyond their own troubles so much the better.

We'll miss them and we wish them all the best for their futures. We would like to thank all the new volunteers in advance for their support in helping them achieve this.

Chris and Sarah

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  1. The shirts are fantastic guys!! They love them and they will serve as a great memory of your time spent at the Club, the amazing effort you put in and the bonds you formed with the kids! We'll ry to encourage them to get the books out soon too..:-) J